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A Glossary of Inverse

APOCALYPSE ~ The real reason quantum systems like the QUADRIGA have been created, to archive whole worlds in the event of a global extinction.

BINNAGRAPH ~ A wrist worn device that gives the wearer general navigational information and hazard warning.

BLACKE BOOKES ~ An esoteric library of especially powerful codes.

BLACK WATERCODE ~ Especially treacherous code that has been corrupted.

CYBERPOMP ~ A powerful elemental creature peculiar to quantum systems, typically found in multiples of four. They run, fly or swim continuously in the HIPPODROMES, AERODROMES and AQUADROMES, and can be terrestrial, avian or aquatic in nature.

CRYPTER ~ An electric sword type device that carries a lethal cyber toxin.

CRYPT ~ The most secure form of Psy, only understood by true adepts.

CODESURFING ~ Using a popper or shaper to write commands into watercode to either sculpt or transform it.

DATA SHIPS ~ A sailing vessel which plies the watercode oceans, typically in great fleets, whose sails display data peculiar to the system to which they belong.

DATA-DEMON ~ A monstrous beast created by a data overload.

EXOMEGADRACONIS COLLOSSI ~ The largest sea monster in Inverse.

FIRECODE ~ A rare and specialised form of code, only used for the most complex of programs.

FLICKBOOKS ~ Small booklets that enable you to download simple programs.

GREAT WAVES ~ Leviathan, Colossus, Chimaera, Behemoth, Labyrinth, Kraken, Elysium. The most powerful thought-waves in Inverse. Largely treacherous in nature, they are accessed from the giant spherhall of TSUNAMI.

GAMMABANNS ~ Extremely dark glasses, usually worn to protect the eyes when using lighthouses as portals.

HIPPODROMES, AERODROMES and AQUADROMES, an enormous three-in-one infinity loop racetrack for terrestrial, avian or aquatic Cyberpomps.

INVERSE ~ A vast inverted spherical virtual world, whose inner surface is almost entirely comprised of watercode oceans. 

JACK TARRS ~ Sailor avatars that man all the data-ships.

KNIGHTS ~ The Shaper Knights, an army of formidable Inversion warriors long incarcerated as terracrypts in the GREAT NECROPOLIS OF THEONIS.

LUMIXASTRA ~ The Inversion equivalent of a professor. Lumians, Lumiettes and Lumiesse’s being more junior qualifications.

THE LUCIDITY ~ The Inversion name for the birth of the universe.

MANDLEBROT-SETI ~ The largest library in the virtual universe.

NECROPOLIS ~ A cyber graveyard filled with the victims of terracryption, nano-viruses and other terminal conditions.

NEWTONS ~ A special gravity boot that keeps you firmly glued to the deck when surfing.

POPPER ~ A large surfboard powered by a firecode rocket, which can be used to surf thought-waves.

PSYSPEAK ~ Or ‘Psy’ A covert message transmitted directly from one mind to another.

POCKETS-CLOAK ~ Or ‘Pockets’ A cloak made from special fabrics and comprised of many pockets*. These* are in a parallel universe enabling the wearer to carry substantial loads without effort.

PROUST MADELEINE ~ A particularly delicious cyber cookie that gives you timed access to Inverse, usually in milliseconds. 

PINWHEELS ~ Simple disc shaped cards that allow you to change program parameters by rotating them. Typically used for clothing.

PLUTONIGUM ~ A licorice confection that glows in the dark.

QUANTUM-CAT ~ A peculiar feline that makes use of its indeterminate life-state when hunting.  

QUADRIGA ~ The world’s most powerful quantum supercomputer which is secretly connected to Inverse.

STARGAZEY-PI ~ A small island at Inverse’s northern pole, with a hidden palace of the same name. 

SHAPER ~ A giant rocket powered popper with a flying keel that can be used to write code into thought-waves, manipulating it to create new domains.

SHIPS-BISCUITS ~ Cookies that allow you access to the data-ship so named in the chocolate coating.

SPHEROOM ~ A large inverted spherical room with a continuous floor and equal gravity in all directions.

SPHERHALL ~ A much larger spherical or cylindrical hall with a continuous floor and equal gravity.      

SUPERWORDS ~ Complex code commands that condense thousands of characters into a single word.

SHADOWSURFING ~ A type of virtual surfing that is usually used when travelling astronomical distances.

SHADOWBODIES ~ Temporary avatars that you can jump into and use.

THOUGHT-WAVES ~ Enormous churning pipelines of watercode typically sixty-thousand feet high and miles long. They can be programmed to create complete domains within.

TERRACYPT ~ An unbreakable cypher that freezes the victim for eternity, typically dispensed from a Crypter.

URIZEN ~ The arch nemesis of Inverse. An ancient enemy slowly infecting all  inversion domains with the deadly LUCIER virus.

VENAQUISE ~ A great inverted spherical city and the capital of Inverse.

VENAQUISE- WHIRL ~ A delicious cyber cake that permits limited timed access to Venaquise.

WATERCODE ~ Liquid computer code which can be used to create almost anything, especially in Thought-Waves.

X~ The Battle of Mandlebrot X, a secret not to be shared with Lumixastras!