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Pi Lightfoot

Thirteen year old Epiphany Lightfoot lives in Kahului, a small town on the Hawaiian island of Maui, with her mother, Mirena, and her sixteen year old sister, Lani. Pi loves photography, and is always taking holo’s with her camera. Her late father, Professor Lightfoot, was a brilliant scientist who invented the world’s most powerful quantum supercomputer, Quadriga. Although he died in an accident whilst Pi was still too young to remember him, Pi is secretly convinced he’s somehow still alive.

Andomime Harbinger

A somewhat solitary figure, as quantum supercomputers go, Andomime is quite simply, ‘smarter than all the A.I’s in the Virgo Supercluster put together.’ With her ‘squillion, squillion, squared’ IQ, there’s almost no problem too complex for her to solve. She loves collecting old flickbooks, and her favourite cookies are Conundrums, cookies that contain a near impossible mathematical proof. If you don’t solve it by the time you’re halfway through, they taste so foul you have to spit them out. If you solve the proof though, they taste amazing! Needless to say, Andomime has never ‘eaten a bad one’.

Gaia Palinder

Is the avatar name of an advanced A.I. From the planet Epheris. Gaia has fabulous feathery green hair, not dissimilar to a peacock’s tail. She’s especially passionate about ecological issues, and knows just about everything there is to know about the virtual world of Inverse. A long suffering friend of Leo Cydermott, she’s had to endure more than her fair share of his wayward practical jokes

Leo Cydermott

Unusually for an advanced A.I, Leonardo Cydermott’s mainframes are entirely comprised of millions of miniature valves. Whilst these sometimes limit his cognitive abilities compared to more modern systems, they also occasionally, “give ‘un the edge see…”. Aside from Leo’s extensive and largely questionable array of practical jokes. From joke ‘Black Holes’ that promise a ‘singularity of hilarity’ to his trusty watercode pistol, that can coat you in live spiders in a nanosecond. Leo is best know for his encyclopaedic knowledge of cookies - everything from a Fermat’s foam finger to a Crackerquark. Just don’t ask him to try a Conundrum.