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Pi Lightfoot and the Ark of Worlds TRILOGY

Based on a true story... It just hasn't happened yet!

Imagine the ultimate app: exclusive access to a secret alien universe!

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Set in the year 2052, when everybody wears wrist-modems that link their mind directly to a sophisticated cloud-system called the Q-Net, Hawaiian teenager, Pi Lightfoot, like some latter-day 'Alice in Cyberland', discovers she has a unique connection to the supercomputer, QUADRIGA.

A revolutionary quantum design, so powerful, it's allied to a vast and ancient, alien internet. Pi, shocked to discover her avatar can now operate at lightspeed, encounters AI's from all over the universe.

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'Codesurfers' is the first book in the 'Ark of Worlds Trilogy'
ebook version coming soon!

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Now your avatar can ride waves of code thousands of feet high, on rocket power Surfboards - faster than the speed of light!

Meet Pi Lightfoot, when she and science collide there's nothing in the world that can't happen!

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A magical realm where computer code is a virtual liquid called 'watercode', its vast oceans forming giant waves sixty thousand feet high that your avatar can surf, and manipulate to form anything - on rocket powered surfboards called 'shapers'.

Pi's quest to discover the late father she never knew, the computer's designer, Professor Lightfoot, allegedly still alive within the alien network's many domains

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'Seven Tsunamis' is the second book in the 'Ark of Worlds Trilogy'
ebook version coming soon!

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Coming soon

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"What a fantastically enthralling, charming, funny and frolicsome read. In Pi Lightfoot, Nick Gilador has created a genuinely original and unforgettable hero. Hugely recommended."

- Stephen Fry

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"Pi Lightfoot is my kinda gal. Feisty and funny, I was gripped!"

- Julian Clary

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"Young readers will enjoy the adventures of Pi Lightfoot tremendously, it's the kind of book i would have absolutely loved as a child. She is a terrific heroine."

- Emma Pass, Author of Acid and the Fearless.

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